13418455_812415415525944_5871519673725521513_oEverything Falls burst onto the Washington D.C. metro scene in early 2012, touring for their debut EP “Fight From Within.” Fast-forward to the summer of 2015, and Everything Falls is set to release their sophomore EP “Through The Storm.”  The album is a collection of songs that frontman Aaron Linkous wrote during touring in 2012 and in the years after while the band was relocating from Washington D.C. to northern New Jersey.

Throughout 2011, Everything Falls was just getting things started.  After bringing Mike Smith on board to play bass, the duo eventually ended up working with Producer Scott Robinson at his Sonic Sweets Recording studio in Beltsville, MD.  What was born there would be the band’s debut release, “Fight From Within.”  It was released in November of 2011 and included their first mainstream hit, “Sorry To Say.”  The video for “Sorry To Say” was featured on national media outlets such as Blank TV, Pure Grain Audio, The Cool TV, and Renegade Radio.  In addition, Hard Rock Café, Planet Hollywood, Gold’s Gym and Royal Carribean Cruise Line chose to promote the single.  The song was also used by nationally televised and British-based professional wrestling program, UK Wrestling Experience.  Other notable hits off of the album were the singles “Come On” and “Everything That You Wanted.” In late 2012, Everything Falls continued their promotional tour for the EP, and ultimately landed an interview with The Real Radio Show in Long Island, NY.   As the band gained momentum, new opportunities presented themselves, and Linkous eventually made the difficult decision to relocate the band to the New York City
metro area.

In 2013, rebuilding of the band started.  Kenny Sheldon, the new lead guitarist who was discovered at one of the many auditions held in the summer of 2013, quickly found his niche within Aaron’s songs.  Unfortunately, it would be another two years before the band would be fully completed, with the lineup changing several times over.  In early 2015, two additional band members were brought on board just before heading into the world-renowned Barber Shop Studios with Producer Brody Greif.  Regarding the difficulties that he encountered throughout the relocation process, Linkous stated, “The transition from D.C. to New Jersey was challenging, but I knew that it was necessary if Everything Falls was going to rise to the top.  I’ve learned to trust my instincts and never let anyone deter me from my goals.  I believe in this band, and I believe in our music.”

Comprised of Aaron Linkous, Kenny Sheldon, Matt Regan, and Ray Santini, Everything Falls is weathered, but not broken.  “Everything Falls has accomplished a lot up to this point, but we still have so much room for growth,” said Linkous.  “We’reFC300x300 hungry to break into the regional scene and to make our live show something that fans are lining up to see.  I believe that our new EP was appropriately named.  After everything that it’s taken to get back to this point, it definitely feels like we’ve been through a storm.  Fortunately, that storm forged a new path for our sound and helped to solidify who we are as musicians.  We’re extremely proud of our sophomore EP, and we believe the fans will agree that it was worth the wait.”

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