Everything Falls w/Saving Abel @ The Stanhope House 2/18/17

Hello everyone!

We are happy to announce that we will be opening for Saving Abel on 2/18/17 @ The Stanhope House in Stanhope, NJ.  “Saving Abel was formed in 2004 and features a Southern Rockin Tennessippi sound.  Performing almost 300 dates a year in a variety of locations all over the country  from the Machine Shop to Whiskey A GoGo and all size venues from intimate acoustic bars to festival arenas.  Some of their most popular songs during performances are “Addicted,  The Sex is Good, Bringing Down the Giant and Miss America.”‘  You don’t want to miss this show!!!  “We’re going to bring our fans and we’re going to tear the stage up on the 18th, said Linkous, lead singer of Everything Falls.  We’re going to show Saving Abel that no one rocks like New Jersey!!!  It’s going to be a crazy fun night!”  Get your tickets NOW while they last!!!

All ticket info here:  http://everythingfalls.bigcartel.com/

Keep rocking!!!

-Everything Falls-

About Aaron Linkous

Founder, songwriter, lead singer, and rhythm guitarist at New Jersey based rock band, Everything Falls.

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