New Single, "Up In Flames"


The band burst onto the Washington D.C. metro scene in early 2012, with their debut EP Fight From Within. Fast-forward to the summer of 2015, and Everything Falls released their sophomore EP Through The Storm. That release was followed up with more regional touring around Northern New Jersey, New York City, and Northern Virginia. Now, here in early spring of 2019, frontman Aaron Linkous is poised to release the third EP titled Wolves At The Door. He’ll be releasing this EP from his new location in Nashville, Tennessee. Most might argue that this is truly where the journey began with Aaron being a graduate of the Recording Industry program at MTSU. “I’m happy and excited to be back in my old stomping grounds,” stated Linkous. The album is a collection of songs that Linkous wrote over the last decade or so and he states that, “This is easily the best music I’ve created to date, in my opinion! I might be just a little bit biased, but I’m very, very proud of this work and I truly believe our fans will thoroughly enjoy it! Forsaken, in particular, was written here in TN. I even tracked on that song at MTSU. Some friends of mine needed a band to record for their project and I was more than happy to oblige and get some free recording time.” Aaron laughingly stated, “It’s pretty awesome to see everything come full circle and to be back here releasing this song, and several others, for real this time.” 

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Aaron Linkous

Musician, Singer-Songwriter

 “I’ve learned to trust my instincts and never let anyone deter me from my goals. I believe in this band, and I believe in our music.”

Everything Falls
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